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The Vermont Public Service Board is a quasi-judicial board that supervises the rates, quality of service, and overall financial management of Vermont's public utilities: cable television, electric, gas, telecommunications, water and large wastewater companies.

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Temporary Rulemaking on Sound Levels from Wind Generation Facilities


Vermont Public Service Board Authorizes Renewable Natural Gas Project (Re PSB Docket No. 8596 - Lincoln Renewable Natural Gas Facility) -- PRESS RELEASE


Appointment of Judith C. Whitney as Clerk of the Board

The Vermont Public Service Board is very pleased to announce the appointment of Judith C. Whitney as Clerk of the Board, effective February 21, 2016.  Judy is replacing Susan M. Hudson, who retired after 39 years as Clerk.

Judy has in-depth knowledge of the Board’s operations because she has served as Deputy Clerk of the Board since 1999.  She also has experience with court operations, having served as the Clerk of the Environmental Court for seven years and as Assistant Docket Clerk at the Vermont Supreme Court for several years.  Judy’s skills and experience will be invaluable as the Board adapts to today’s changing regulatory environment.  Contact information for the Clerk has not changed:  Judy can be reached at 802-828-2358 or at

Vermont Public Service Board Denies Permit for 2.0 MW Solar Project in Bennington (Re PSB Docket No. 8302 - Chelsea Solar Project) -- PRESS RELEASE


Docket 8652 - Petition of GMP to offer net metering service above the 15% statutory cap -- FINAL ORDER 6/24/16


Vermont Public Service Board Authorizes Transmission Line Project (RE PSB Docket NO. 8400 - New England Clean Power Link Project) -- PRESS RELEASE


Third Amended Order implementing standards and procedures for issuance of a certificate of public good for communications facilities pursuant to 30 V.S.A. § 248a


Draft Net Metering Rule ***Update 4-06-2016*** PRESS RELEASE


Notice of Availability of Public Service Board Transcripts

FY2017 Budget

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  • June 30, 2016 - EEU-2016-03 Workshop

    In Re: 2016-2017 Demand Resources Plan Proceeding

    Before the Public Service Board

    Location: Public Service Board Hearing Room, Third Floor, People's United Bank Building, 112 State Street, Montpelier, Vermont