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The Board maintains lists of the various types of telecommunications companies authorized to operate in Vermont, with contact information:

  • Telecommunications companies - indicates whether a company is a regular reseller, an operator service provider, a debit card provider, a competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC), or an incumbent local exchange carrier (ILEC)
  • Competitive local exchange carriers
  • Cellular
  • Billing aggregators
  • Telegraph

Service Territory Map

Vermont has 10 incumbent telephone companies with defined service territories. The Department of Public Service (Department) has prepared maps that show the approximate boundaries of Vermont telephone company service territories.

Current Procedures for Section 248a Cases

The current standards and procedures for Board review of wireless communication facilities (Section 248a) cases are in the Fourth Amended Order Implementing Standards and Procedures for 248a Cases, dated August 12, 2016.

Telecommunications Utility Annual Reports

Vermont law requires each telecommunications utility to file an annual report with the Department. These reports include financial and operational information.

Customer Deposit Interest Rate

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