Net Metering

Vermont law defines net metering as measuring the difference between the electricity supplied to a customer and the electricity fed back by a net metering system (which is a small generating system that meets certain specified criteria) during the customer's billing period.  The law also allows for "group" net metering in which a group of customers, or a single customer with multiple electric meters, located within the same electric utility service territory, choose to combine meters in order to offset that billing against a net metered system.  In practice, net metering allows the owners of certain small electric generating systems to receive credit for the electricity produced by those systems, above what the owners consume on the premises.


Notice Re: Resumption of Regulatory Review of Certain Net-Metering Applications for Projects Located in Green Mountain Power Corporation's Service Territory.

Attachment - List of Projects Accepted into GMP's Supplemental Net-Metering Program.


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Applying for a Certificate of Public Good ("CPG") for Systems that Are Either: (1) Non-Photovoltaic Systems Up to 150 kW (AC); or (2) Photovoltaic Systems Greater Than 15 kW (AC) in capacity up to 150 kW (AC)

Customers who would like to install a net metering system must obtain a CPG from the Public Service Board ("Board") before commencing site preparation for, or construction of, the net metering system.  The Board has established standards and procedures governing application for, and issuance or revocation of, a CPG for a net metering system.  These are set forth in PSB Rule 5.100Appendix A to that Rule includes the technical specifications related to interconnection requirements and safety standards for net metering systems.  The Board has also developed an application form for a CPG for a net metering system.  Applicants seeking authorization to install a system with a capacity of 139 kW or greater must also pay an application fee to the Agency of Natural Resources.

Registration Procedure for Photovoltaic Systems that Are 15 kW (AC) or Less in Capacity

The Board has established a simplified registration procedure and registration form for individuals seeking to obtain a CPG for these smaller photovoltaic systems.

(NMR Numbers 7000 through 7052 have been changed to 6100 - 6152)


Transferring a CPG

When a property served by a net metering system is sold, the CPG for the net metering system is automatically transferred.  The new owner may begin net metering provided that the new owner (1) agrees to operate and maintain the net metering system according to the terms and conditions of the CPG and in compliance with PSB Rule 5.100, and (2) files the Board-approved transfer form with the Board and the electric utility that serves the property.  To simplify this process, the Board has developed a standard transfer form for this purpose.

Order Establishing Billing Standards and Procedures - Issued 11/14/12

Billing Standards and Procedures for Net-Metering Customers