General Energy Efficiency Utility Information

The Public Service Board ("Board") oversees Vermont's Energy Efficiency Utility Program ("EEU Program"). This program provides energy efficiency services to residential and business electricity and heating-and-process-fuel consumers throughout Vermont.  These services help consumers invest now in energy efficiency measures that will save Vermonters money throughout the lifetime of the efficient products (an average of approximately 11 years).

The Board has appointed three entities to provide energy efficiency services --- Efficiency Vermont, the City of Burlington Electric Department ("BED"), and Vermont Gas Systems, Inc ("VGS").  Since 2000, Efficiency Vermont has been providing technical advice, financial assistance, and design guidance to help make Vermont's homes, farms, and businesses more efficient. For more information about the services offered by Efficiency Vermont, and about energy efficiency in general, see Efficiency Vermont's website: or call Efficiency Vermont at 888-921-5990. BED provides many of these energy efficiency services in its service territory. If you are a customer of BED, please contact BED directly at 802-865-7300 for information about energy efficiency services available to you.  VGS provides natural gas energy efficiency services to its residential and business customers.  More information about VGS's efficiency programs can be found at VGS's website: or call VGS at 802-863-4511.

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