Board Rule 5.500 - Proposed Amendments


This proceeding involves a rulemaking to consider amending Board Rule 5.500 regarding interconnection procedures for proposed electric generation resources.


Comments on the DPS Revised Proposed Rule posted 9/9/2016 (9/26/16)

Allco Renewables Comments

GMP Cover Letter

GMP Comments

VELCO Comments


DPS Revised Proposed Rule (9/9/2016)

Cover Letter

Revised Proposed Rule (Clean)

Revised Proposed Rule (Redline)


Public Comments on Proposed Rule 5.500 that was posted 4/25/16

Department of Public Service

Green Mountain Power Corporation

Town of New Haven


Proposed Rule 5.500

Proposed Rule Documents  (posted 4/25/16)


Board Orders & Memoranda

Memorandum Re Schedule (8/10/16)

Memorandum Re Workshop (7/8/16)

Order Opening Rulemaking (4/25/16)