Docket 8652 - Proceeding Regarding Green Mountain Power Corporation's Net Metering Cap

***Update 6-24-2016***

The Vermont Public Service Board has approved Green Mountain Power Coproration's proposal to accept a limited number of net-metering applicatoins above the statutory cap on net metering capacity.


Order Approving GMP's Petition and Procedures for Applying for GMP's Supplemental Net Metering Program




Case Filings

GMPMarch 31, 2016, Response


April 14, 2016 Filings

Integrated Solar

Bill Marks

Lawes Agricultrual

Johnson Contols

Troy Minerals



Green Mountain Community Solar

Ben Gordesky


Deadline for response comments - April 21, 2016 

Vermont Department of Public Service 4-21-16 Response

Town of New Haven 4-21-16 Response

Renewable Energy Vermont 4-21-16 Response

Green Mountain Power Corporation 4-21-16 Response


Any interested person may submit comments regarding this matter.  Comments may be sent to

Please write "Docket 8652" in the subject line.


Other Case Filings


December 4, 2015, supplemenal petition  Attachment

Department of Public Service Motion to Toll Comment Deadlines

Tunbridge Solar Comments

REV Motion to Intervene

SunCommon Motion to Intervene

Department of Public Service Comments 12/18/2015

Town of New Haven Initial Filings of 12/20/2015

Town of New Haven's comments of 12/30/2015

Transcript of 12/29/2015 prehearing conference

Town of New Haven's additional comments of 1/008/2016

GMP response to New Haven's 12/29/2015 comments

Department of Public Service's response to New Haven's 12/29/2015  comments

Town Energy Committees